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In addition to the power of person-to-person consulting, NeoPsy Systems utilizes metrics to supplement the assessment of individuals, teams and organizations. We use our extensive database to benchmark organizations and leaders. Our instruments identify and leverage strengths as well as customize organizational interventions.


NeoPsy Systems' instruments result from years of research within business organizations in conjunction with rigorous scientific analyses. Our instruments are continually analyzed, customized and modified in order to provide optimal service to our clients. In addition, they are statistically reliable, valid, job-relevant and legally defensible.

Featured Instruments

High Performance Organization Survey (HiPerOrg®)

An extensive and informative survey that benchmarks organizations in terms of leadership, strategic focus and tactical alignment, culture, systems, and constituent relations. It identifies areas of strength as well as those needing intervention. Used to assess organizational effectiveness, drive culture change, conduct due diligence and create successful integrations of new organizations after a merger or acquisition.

Strategic and Tactical Alignment, Culture and Sales assessments are also available separately as part of the HiPerOrg® series.

Leadership Style Indicator

A powerful self-assessment questionnaire that is a practical indicator of leadership style within the work context. Used for executive selection, team building, executive coaching, and professional development.

Survey of Executive Competencies

A 360-degree instrument (an assessment tool which gathers data from different levels of the organization) that provides a clear and informed picture of an individual's management and leadership competencies, interpersonal style, perceived motives, and the organizational climate. It is used for executive and management development.


A web based, pre-employment assessment tool available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is a highly effective statistical method which increases ROI within the first year. This is achieved through identifying and hiring top performers and increasing retention.

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List of Available Online Instruments

  • Leadership Style Indicator® (LSI)
  • HiPerOrg® Executive 360
  • HiPerOrg® Culture Survey
  • HiPerOrg® Organizational Survey
  • HiPerOrg® Sales Survey
  • LSI Template Developer
  • LSI Lite
  • Development Opportunity Identifier®
  • PE Investor Developer™
  • Motivation Mapper™
  • ProStyle®
  • HiPerOrg® Survey of Strategic and Tactical Alignment

Other Popular Instruments

Partner Developer

A customized, comprehensive tool to identify and measure the psychological traits, attitudes and behaviors that make a successful partner in a professional services or venture capital firm. Used to hire, train, and build successful professional firms.

Custom Assessments

Fully customized surveys and assessment instruments created to measure anything that affects the bottom line, including customer and board satisfaction, various processes and procedures, etc.