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NeoPsy Systems leverages human capital by developing the individual and collective talents of people and teams. We partner with clients to apply our extensive research and experience. We provide clear perspective on the leadership, management and operational factors that drive financial success. Our work results in high performing leaders and organizations, and increased revenue and shareholder value.

We build High Performance Organizations by improving the quality of leadership and management within organizations, ensuring tight alignment of tactics with strategy and developing effective corporate cultures and structures.

  • Executive Assessment and Selection

    NeoPsy Systems' approach to executive assessment for selection or development is grounded in our proprietary instruments, our extensive database of executives in high performing organizations and our experience with behavioral interviewing.

  • QualiFit Selection

    A web based, pre-employment assessment tool available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is a highly effective statistical method which increases ROI within the first year. This is achieved through identifying and hiring top performers and increasing retention.

  • Succession Planning

    Every organization is different, and each organization must use a succession plan that fits its specific needs. We utilize our extensive experience and empirically-derived models of high performance organizations to perform a thorough due diligence of the organization's present and anticipated needs. We partner with our clients for a customized approach to building a succession plan based on what is right for the specific organization and what the organization can wholeheartedly support and implement.

  • Organizational Assessment

    NeoPsy Systems' HiPerOrg® survey is designed to provide information about how the organization is run, and then to determine what elements of the organization can be improved from top level management to support staff. The survey determines the perceived effectiveness of the organization's customer relations practices and the quality and value of the products and services the organization provides.

  • Custom Assessment

    Fully customized surveys and assessment instruments created to measure anything that affects the bottom line, including customer and board satisfaction, various processes and procedures, etc.

  • Merger and Acquisition Integration

    NeoPsy Systems works with business leaders to manage the integration of mergers and acquisitions. NeoPsy Systems' interventions define leadership, identify priorities, drive decisions, and manage implementation.

We develop high performing
executive teams and organizations

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Why We're Different

Our consultants have an unparalleled bias toward objectivity, measurement and results.

We do research to understand our clients' business objectives fully, and then join then to achieve their goals through improved leadership, focus and operations.

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Identify top performers and increase retention
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